We enable creative people to bring their ideas alive and their digital products online.

the only host you need for running your use-cases

As an end-to-end platform to host data-driven solutions, Pergola closes the gap between bright minds in specialist departments, creating valuable insights from data, ready to change the digital world, and the technical implementation of their product ideas.

With Pergola, you have full control over the entire process – from development to industrialization to deployment and operations – without any of the complexity, without sacrificing any of the proven IT rules.

No need to set up and administer servers. Never again worry about encryption, scalability or availability. Simply focus on your use-cases, working with the technologies and frameworks you know and love.

Our mission

In order to successfully master digital transformation in the fast-paced world of IT, it is vital to know how to handle and create valuable insights from data. Accumulated, enriched and applied over years, these insights will eventually become wisdom – wisdom about your business.

At Datasophie, our mission is to provide solutions that facilitate the acquisition of high-quality data and the derivation of applicable knowledge, enabling progress in all areas of life.

Our story

We are a team of passionate developers and product designers with a collective experience of countless years in the field of IT and data management.

Our global network of creative and talented people from a wide range of industries at hand and the unique challenges of our customers we solve for decades are the source for new ideas and our products.


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